Is a vegetarian diet also suitable if you do a lot of sport?

Is a vegetarian diet also suitable if you do a lot of sport?

Grilled cheeses such as halloumi or sheep’s cheese in aluminum parcels are also very popular. Grilled fish (such as trout or salmon steak) can also be an excellent substitute for meat if you want to grill vegetarian.  

Is a vegetarian diet also suitable if you do a lot of sport? Not only that, it can even be better for athletes than a meat-based diet. In the following, you will find out why this is the case and what you should pay attention to.

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More performance in sport through a vegetarian diet

Athletes often fear that a vegetarian diet is not suitable if you want to perform well in sports. However, according to sports physicians, the protein requirement of an athlete is greatly overestimated, even in bodybuilding. On the contrary, vegetarians are usually particularly productive because they find it easier to consume the recommended 60 percent carbohydrates, which provide the most easily usable form of energy.

Meat eaters often only get 40 percent here. Only a purely vegan diet – in which animal products such as milk and eggs are avoided – can lead to problems, as vegans hardly have any fat reserves due to this low-fat diet and therefore muscles can be broken down when there is a high energy requirement.

The right vegetarian diet for athletes

So even if you do a lot of sport, a vegetarian diet is very suitable. However, athletes should make sure that there are no deficiency symptoms, as heavy sweating also flushes out nutrients such as iodine and zinc. Nuts, whole grain products and mineral water with a high calcium and magnesium content are well suited. The necessary protein is provided by legumes, tofu and possibly fish.  

Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet increases life expectancy and helps you stay healthy longer. This is probably not only due to the fact that no meat is consumed, other factors also play a role.

Longer life expectancy through a vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian diet is healthy, as almost all doctors now agree. A study by the German Cancer Research Society recently showed that it can even increase life expectancy. Obviously, it is less about the fact that meat has a harmful effect, because even moderate meat eaters benefit from similar advantages as vegetarians and vegans.

The scientists attribute this primarily to the higher proportion of fruit and vegetables in the diet, which ensures a better supply of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. In addition, vegetarians eat less animal fats, which are suspected of favoring cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Vegan living with a purely plant-based diet How vegetarians can avoid deficiency symptoms

Vegetarian diet alone does not affect life expectancy

As healthy as it may be, a vegetarian diet is not solely responsible for the better life expectancy of vegetarians. The researchers found that vegetarians mostly live healthier lives overall than meat eaters. They are more moderate with nicotine and alcohol, avoid unhealthy foods such as cola, processed cheese and ready-made meals and usually like to exercise a lot in the fresh air. All of this, not just giving up meat, contributes to a higher life expectancy.

It is easily possible to enjoy low-carb vegetarian meals. As a filling side dish to vegetable dishes, you can, for example, use eggs instead of meat. Perhaps this recipe for poached eggs with spinach will help you get started on a vegetarian low-carb diet.

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Low-carb vegetarian: Spicy recipe idea

In the low-carb diet, foods high in carbohydrates are more or less taboo. Classics such as pasta or bread fall off the menu and meat moves higher up on the shopping list. But even if you want to implement low carb as a vegetarian, you have a few options.argumentative essay structure

An example of a vegetarian low-carb dish: poached eggs with spinach and a spicy herb sauce. You will need the following ingredients for four servings:

1 kg of fresh spinach, 6 eggs, 25 g of butter or margarine, 1 packet of light sauce, 2 onions, 1 clove of garlic, salt, and herb mixture

Recipe for poached eggs with spinach: Here’s how

First, heat the washed spinach in the covered saucepan until it collapses. Chop the onions and mash the garlic. According to instructions from "Image of woman" then melt about 12.5 grams of the butter in a pan and sauté the onions and garlic. Then sauté the whole thing for a few more minutes together with the spinach and a little salt. 

Now prepare the sauce: Dissolve the mixture for light sauce in 250 milliliters of boiling water and add the rest of the butter and the herb mixture.

Finally, poach the eggs

Lastly, poach the eggs. To do this, boil two liters of water with about five tablespoons of vinegar and let the liquid boil. Beat the eggs one by one and carefully guide them into the water, for example using a ladle.

After a maximum of five minutes of cooking, take the eggs out of the pot and add them to the spinach. Garnish everything with the sauce and, if necessary, with other herbs or spices.

Nutritional values ​​of the vegetarian low-carb recipe

The nutritional values ​​for this recipe are as follows per serving:

Recipes: Delicious recipes for every occasion In ten minutes: Cook and clean spinach properly Delicious, healthy food: Vegetarian options are also possible Healthy sweets: For hot summer days – make low-carb ice cream yourself Low-carb: Easy to prepare low-carb burgers +++ Healthy nutrition +++: Paprika are little vitamin C bombs 300 calories23 g fat7 g carbohydrates19 g protein

If you want to eat a vegetarian diet in the future, you should definitely rely on one or the other soy product. You need this to achieve optimal nutrition. Always remember that meat contains a lot of nutrients that you as a vegetarian have to get elsewhere. But with a well-planned diet that is varied, this is easy.

Interesting facts about vegetarian nutrition
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The natural soy product for optimal nutrition

Amount of protein that the body needs to keep muscle building going, whether you’re exercising or not. Muscles are essential to life, without sufficient muscle mass energy consumption drops and you gain weight. It is therefore important that you regularly provide your body with protein. A particularly large amount of it is found in soy products. Soybeans are grown and harvested in Asia. Various products are made from this, such as the well-known soy milk or soy bean sprouts. The soy cheese is better known to us as tofu, which is considered very healthy.

Asian cuisine: These 5 products are made from soy

Refine the soy product tofu vegetarian

The diet should not only be healthy, it should also taste good. Eating vegetarian doesn’t mean just eating vegetables. As I said, a soy product is tofu. This can be baked, roasted and cooked, but unseasoned tofu tastes boring. Numerous recipes prove that you can conjure up a delicious meal from this soy product. In addition to the tofu, there are also many other products, including yogurt and sauces. You can even use these for baking. How about a soy cake? Eating healthy can also be a sweet sin. Find out more about the topic and try a few recipes. You will not regret it.

Fortunately, the days when traveling was a pain for vegetarians are long gone. In the meantime, at least in the holiday regions, most hotels and restaurants have adapted to the special nutritional needs of their guests and often offer at least one vegetarian dish on their menu. Nevertheless, some holiday countries prove to be particularly suitable for traveling as a vegetarian.

How to travel meatless

A vacation for vegetarians usually begins with the arrival by plane. Here you can order alternative vegetarian menus from almost every airline that no longer consist of one and the same meal, only with omitted meat. However, it is important that you point out that you are a vegetarian before you travel by plane, so that you can secure the appropriate food. The railway is already one step further and also offers a selection of dishes for vegetarians à la carte.

How vegetarians can avoid deficiency symptoms

This is how you plan a vacation for vegetarians

Even if a vacation for vegetarians is possible in every country in the world, the countries of Asia are particularly suitable. This is because vegetarian food has a much longer tradition here and is therefore more “socially acceptable”. The difference to European cuisine is shown in a higher degree of sophistication. US metropolises such as New York or San Francisco are also ideally suited for a meatless holiday, and other global cities such as London or Tokyo are also ideal. If you, as a vegetarian, decide to travel to another holiday country, you can find out more in advance on the numerous vegetarian websites or book special travel offers for vegetarians.

Whether ecological, health, moral or religious motives – there are many good reasons to forego meat. If parents live a vegetarian diet, they will at some point have to decide whether they want to raise their children that way too. What do you need to consider from a nutritional point of view? What consequences does it have for the everyday social life of children? And finally the educational aspect: How do I explain to my child in an age-appropriate manner why it should be better not to eat meat?

"The topic of vegetarian education is very topical", says Silke Bott, board member of the German Vegetarian Association (Vebu). Not least because of the many food scandals, more and more people are consciously avoiding meat and fish. "And if both parents are staunch vegetarians, they will usually raise their child to be vegetarian too." However, the question could lead to tension, especially in couples where one parent eats meat. Then it is important that the parents talk openly with one another in order to dispel any fears or uncertainties.

Healthy without deficiency symptoms

One point of conflict is always the concern that children could have deficiency symptoms if they do not eat meat. Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in Bonn contradicts this: "From a nutritional point of view, raising children to be vegetarian is not a problem." Because the assumption that only meat can adequately supply the body with valuable proteins is old hat.

The Freiburg ecotrophologist and cookbook author Dagmar Freifrau von Cramm refers to new studies: "They have shown that German children are more likely to get too much protein through eating." The renunciation of schnitzel and meatball is therefore not at all dramatic, especially since the balance is quickly established with plant-based products. For example, 100 grams of lentils provide the body with 24 grams of protein. The same amount of chicken, on the other hand, only brings about eleven grams, pork just under 20 grams of protein.

Ensure iron absorption

Children get the important trace element iron in infancy through their breast milk and later through the consumption of whole grain products, legumes, berries and various types of vegetables such as fennel or chard. So that vegetable iron can be easily processed by the body, foods containing iron should be given together with vitamin C, says Borchard-Becker. For example, parents could simply add a dash of orange juice to the millet porridge. Because millet, like oats, is ideal for iron intake. But milk, eggs and dairy products in particular inhibit the absorption of iron and should not be placed on the plate with food containing iron.

A balanced nutrient intake is particularly important in the first three years of life: "During this time, children need more nutrients because they eat less"says the nutritionist. However, this applies to both children who eat meat and children who eat vegetarian food.

More and more vegetarian kindergartens

When the children start school later on, completely new problems arise. But vegetarian food is now widespread in many kindergartens, says Bott from Vebu. But there is a city-country divide: "In big cities it is much easier to raise your children vegetarian." There is no central search register for kindergartens with vegetarian food. "In case of doubt, it only helps to call each one."

Represented vegetarianism

Kindergarten is often the first place where vegetarian children meet their peers who eat meat. This means that the parents are facing new challenges. The first years of life are very formative for what children like and what not, explains the nutritional psychologist Professor Joachim Westenhöfer from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. "But as soon as children come into contact with other children, they also adopt their preferences and want to distance themselves from their parents." This is quite normal for children when they are going through different phases of their development.

Don’t exert pressure – parents have to explain

What if the children want to try a salami bread or a sausage? "Under no circumstances work with prohibitions", advises nutrition psychologist Westenhöfer, "because that only increases the appeal." It is important that the parents explain why it is better to avoid meat. "The children want to get a good answer to this question." Silke Bott from Vebu also sees it this way: "You can’t tell three or four year olds that meat eaters are responsible for world hunger." Parents would have to explain more child-friendly and make it clear that they prefer vegetarian food.